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i tell you all the time, heaven is a place on earth with you.

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❀ about me ❀


name: michelle
age: 15 (as of today! ^_^)
birthday: april 18
zodiac: aries
single or taken: single
height: 161cm
eye color: dark brown
middle name: don’t have one
favorite color:  pastel colors but red and black i love
lucky number: 7


hogwarts house [x]: ravenclaw
favorite fictional character: at the moment, chandler bing
favorite television show: friends (doctor who special mention here)
favorite season: autumn
describe yourself in a few words: outgoing, enthusiastic, impulsive and reasonable
future children’s names: probably none of the names of the people i go to school with
meaning of your name: ’gift from god’ or ‘is like god’ (feminine form of michael)
ultimate otp: myungeun (it really helps that they’re my top two biases so)
what do you plan to/do for a living: hopefully work in a busy city because i like the noise and the action
starbucks order: i’ve only been once and i ordered a green tea latte, i think? was that the name?


introvert or extrovert: mainly an extrovert 
dawn or dusk: both (sorry T^T i’m a bit of a morning person and the morning light is just wonderful)
righty or lefty: righty
coffee or tea: tea because coffee is a bit strong for me
rain or shine: shine
reading or writing: reading (because writer’s block hits me a lot)

yeoli said:
Happy birthday michelle!! hope you had a super-duper awesome day! (ノ●˙▿˙●)ノ*・゜゚・*☆ (ps sorry if this is late ><)

(oh no, it’s still april 18th here! hehe its okay!) and thank you so much emily~ always a joy to see you on the dash because you’re so cute =u=

jagaimos said:
happy birthday michelle dear ; u ; !!!! covers you in hugs and chocolate i hope you have/had a good one!! (bc timezones orz) i know we can't really talk much because of timezone differences but i hope we still get the chance to talk and fangirl over infinite and a pink ; w ; i hope your birthday is/was filled with a lot of love and chocolate and nice presents!!

lily dear!! i’m sorry i didn’t answer this earlier i was busy ;n; but yes, whenever we talk it’s usually in the afternoon for me but i’m always so bummed out from the day that all i just do is take naps haha but aww thank you so much~♡♡

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introducing michelle ♡ - narrated by son naeun

happy birthday! i know you’re not feeling the best ever on this very special day, which saddens me a lot bcos you deserve better. im not very good at giving advice but baby you are only fifteen!! there will always be tough times but pls know there’s no sunshine w/o rain okay? life is full of surprises and we all have our bad, worse and horrid days. we can’t avoid those and we can’t be afraid of them; all we can do is throw our middle fingers in the air and smile our way through all the shit that goes thrown our way. it’s hard to believe but you are never alone; everyone goes through shit but we’re all gonna make it in the end bcos idk humans are beautiful in that sense - we’re all stronger than we think we are.

this turned out to be longer than expected but yeah happy birthday baby i love you lots lots. if you ever need me im always on twitter and tumblr and skype and instagram and wherever u need me